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Katie Wing and the rest of the freshmen serenade the bus on the way to South Orange, N.J.

Katie Wing and the rest of the freshmen serenade the bus on the way to South Orange, N.J.

Sept. 29, 2009

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Installment OneWashington, D.C. - Hello again everyone! This was one interesting weekend ... It started out at home on Friday with the loss to Rutgers, 1-0. Rutgers is a good team and nationally ranked, so it is not necessarily a "bad" loss. We could have played better, and we definitely learned a few things from that game.

We wanted to be sure to thank everyone who came out to support us on Friday. There was a lot of energy coming from the stands and we really appreciate that. We are also so grateful for everyone who donated at half time in support of La Casa de mi Padre. You are all such great fans!

On Saturday, we left the Hilltop during a rainy Homecoming and headed up to Seton Hall. This four-hour hour bus trip was an entertaining one. After watching "River Wild" (a riveting movie and one of Gabby's childhood favorites), we were provided with some fabulous entertainment by our freshman. As a way of welcoming the freshman (and transfer) to our team, we invite them to perform for us a song of their choosing.

Unable to hear themselves with the music blaring in their headphones, we watch as they sing and dance in the aisle of the bus. Catherine Cabot began the festivities as she took us back to our boyband days with a lively performance of "Larger than Life".

Hanna Monson then stepped up to the plate with a little T-Swift, as she boldly sang "You Belong with Me". Kristen Insana came out of the woodwork with a sassy rendition of "Too Sexy" with some great accompanying dance moves. Fuze [Claire Fuselier} performed a great sing-along with her own take on the very popular Journey song, "Don't Stop Believing".



Kelly Steele reminded us of our middle school dances as she let her "Tootsie Roll". Claire Magliola brought out her "G" side with a little Eminem "Til' I Collapse". Mollie contrasted Claire's gangster-ness with a little wanna-be punk as she rocked out to Avril's "Sk8ter Boi" (as we decided it should be spelled). Christina O'Tousa repeatedly let us know that she was "On a Boat", and Katie Wing rounded out the freshman performances with "Control Myself" by Junior Senior.

But the fun did not stop there ... Camille Trujillo was chanted out of her seat, with some prodding by Jackie and others, to do a repeat performance of her song from last year. Camille's take on "I'm Blue" (you know ... the song where you have no idea what he is really saying) was a crowd pleaser and her hand pumps during the chorus extracted a roar of cheers and laughter from her loyal fans.

This is a tradition that never fails to provide some incredible laughs and entertainment.

We went straight to practice at Seton Hall, Dave's old stompin' grounds and then ate dinner in the gym. We stayed in a really nice hotel that night, and the next day went to everyone's favorite for lunch ... Panera! We have gone there so much (by our own choosing and begging) that it is to the point now where Nai asked us to write down our orders, and did not even feel the need to provide a menu for us to reference.

The game on Sunday at Seton Hall was not until 4 p.m. Luckily, the rain was mostly in the morning hours, so while the field was wet, we did not have to fight the rain during the game. Seton Hall went up early in the first half off a corner-kick, and it was not until the latter part of the second half that we tied it up. Once again, our fans were incredible (even at an away game) and you could tell that there was a change in the energy on the field for our team in the second half and both overtime periods. The game ended in a tie despite the strong effort we brought in the second half of play and in overtime.

After the game, Mrs. Wing (Marissa's mom) practically brought the apple orchard to us as she generously provided some delicious and fresh cider donuts, apples, and cider. We also enjoyed some Philly Style Soft Pretzels provided by the Buonomo's as we watched "Mean Girls" on the ride home.

Next weekend brings four days of being on the road as we fly to up to Rhode Island on Thursday to play Providence on Friday and we play UConn on Sunday. We are looking to add two important BIG EAST wins to our resume this weekend, and hope that you will follow us as we head north this coming weekend.

Thanks for your support! We are so grateful for all our fans!

Kickin' it as always,

Senior Erika Roberts will be updating GUHoyas.com this season about the happenings of the Hoya women's soccer squad. Keep up to date with her musings as Georgetown launches Hoya Insider, the new blog packed full of inside information on a number of their teams and what's going on in the athletics department.

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