Delaware vs Georgetown (9/8/2013 at Washington, D.C.)

Box Score
Official Soccer Box Score
Soccer Box Score (2nd Period [90:00])
Delaware vs #13 Georgetown (9/8/2013 4:00 p.m. at Washington, D.C.)
Goals by Period12Total
Delaware#13 Georgetown
GK23Jess Figueroa-----90GK01Emma Newins-----90
F7Shannon Kearney11--146D3Emily Menges-----90
M8Alison Slark-----63F4Kaitlin Brenn211--74
M10Nikki Adams21---66MF07Sarah Adams-----74
F11Natalie Zelenky1----43F8Audra Ayotte1--1154
M14Allegra Gray-----90F13Vanessa Skrumbis31-1153
M15Chelsea Duffy----279F19Ashley Shaffer-----34
M16Dianna Marinaro1---285MF20Alexa St. Martin-----90
D17Brittany Bonzano-----90D21Mary Kroening1111-90
F28Emily Market-----79F24Colleen Dinn1--1-77
D55Maddy Parker-----90D25Kailey Blain11---63
-- Substitutes ---- Substitutes --
D3Carolyn Seltzer-----44MF05Marina Paul----156
M4Andrea Arnold-----27MF6Daphne Corboz---1-25
M9Mikala Kin-----24MF09Zoe Park-----15
F13Madison Brosler11---47MF10Emily Morgan1----27
M18Elise Kraue-----27F11Jessica Clinton111--47
Totals63005D15Nicole Varela-----21
MF17Jillian DeGennaro-----2
F22Hannah Howell-----3
23Jess Figueroa90:0032
F26Grace Damaska----14
01Emma Newins90:0003
Shots by Period12TotalSaves by Period12Total
Corners by Period12TotalFouls by Period12Total
Scoring Summery:
No.TimeTeamGoal ScorerAssistDescription
118:49GUKaitlin Brenn(4)Colleen Dinn; Mary KroeningCross from near sideline to box Brenn collected and ripped from 7 yards out
247:10GUMary Kroening(1)Audra AyotteChested from far post off corner to lower far post
387:42GUJessica Clinton(3)Vanessa Skrumbis; Daphne CorbozFrom inside top of 18 into upper left corner
Cautions and Ejections:
Official's Signature
Play-by-Play Summary (1st period)
Delaware vs #13 Georgetown (9/8/2013 4:00 p.m. at Washington, D.C.)
Delaware Starters:#13 Georgetown Starters:
GK23Jess FigueroaGK01Emma Newins
F7Shannon KearneyD3Emily Menges
M8Alison SlarkF4Kaitlin Brenn
M10Nikki AdamsMF07Sarah Adams
F11Natalie ZelenkyF8Audra Ayotte
M14Allegra GrayF13Vanessa Skrumbis
M15Chelsea DuffyF19Ashley Shaffer
M16Dianna MarinaroMF20Alexa St. Martin
D17Brittany BonzanoD21Mary Kroening
F28Emily MarketF24Colleen Dinn
D55Maddy ParkerD25Kailey Blain
00:00Emma Newins at goalie for Georgetown.
Jess Figueroa at goalie for Delaware.
00:39Foul on Delaware.
03:40Shot by Delaware Dianna Marinaro WIDE {shot from top of circle}.
05:55Foul on Delaware.
08:35Offside against Georgetown.
15:24Shot by Georgetown Vanessa Skrumbis WIDE {shot from far right wing}.
16:22Georgetown substitution: Marina Paul for Ashley Shaffer.
17:45Corner Kick by Georgetown Audra Ayotte.
18:09Corner Kick by Georgetown Audra Ayotte.
18:49GOAL by Georgetown Kaitlin Brenn, Assist by Colleen Dinn and Mary Kroening, goal number 4 for season.
Delaware 0, Georgetown 1 {shot from in the circle}.
Cross from near sideline to box Brenn collected and ripped from 7 yards out.
Delaware substitution: Carolyn Seltzer for Natalie Zelenky.
22:23Georgetown substitution: Jessica Clinton for Vanessa Skrumbis.
24:42Delaware substitution: Madison Brosler for Shannon Kearney.
25:21Foul on Georgetown.
26:57Shot by Delaware Nikki Adams BLOCKED {shot from close left wing}.
28:34Foul on Georgetown.
28:39Foul on Delaware.
30:30Georgetown substitution: Zoe Park for Audra Ayotte.
33:49Shot by Georgetown Colleen Dinn WIDE {shot from close right wing}.
39:04Foul on Georgetown.
40:15Shot by Delaware Nikki Adams, SAVE Emma Newins {shot from far left wing}.
41:24Georgetown substitution: Grace Damaska for Colleen Dinn.
41:37Georgetown substitution: Hannah Howell for Kaitlin Brenn.
41:42Delaware substitution: Andrea Arnold for Chelsea Duffy.
41:48Delaware substitution: Mikala Kin for Nikki Adams.
41:51Delaware substitution: Elise Kraue for Alison Slark.
42:49Foul on Georgetown.
45:00End of period.
Play-by-Play Summary (2nd period)
Delaware vs #13 Georgetown (9/8/2013 4:00 p.m. at Washington, D.C.)
45:00Start of 2nd period.
For Georgetown: #01 Emma Newins, #3 Emily Menges, #4 Kaitlin Brenn, #07 Sarah Adams, #8 Audra Ayotte, #13 Vanessa Skrumbis, #19 Ashley Shaffer, #20 Alexa St. Martin, #21 Mary Kroening, #24 Colleen Dinn, #25 Kailey Blain.
For Delaware: #3 Carolyn Seltzer, #7 Shannon Kearney, #11 Natalie Zelenky, #14 Allegra Gray, #15 Chelsea Duffy, #16 Dianna Marinaro, #17 Brittany Bonzano, #18 Elise Kraue, #23 Jess Figueroa, #28 Emily Market, #55 Maddy Parker.
45:25Shot by Georgetown Kailey Blain, SAVE Jess Figueroa {shot from in the circle}.
47:10Corner Kick by Georgetown Audra Ayotte.
GOAL by Georgetown Mary Kroening, Assist by Audra Ayotte, goal number 1 for season.
Delaware 0, Georgetown 2 {shot from close left wing}.
Chested from far post off corner to lower far post.
51:26Foul on Delaware.
52:38Shot by Delaware Shannon Kearney, SAVE Emma Newins {shot from close right wing}.
53:20Offside against Delaware.
54:01Shot by Georgetown Audra Ayotte BLOCKED {shot from far left wing}.
54:25Corner Kick by Georgetown Audra Ayotte.
55:30Corner Kick by Georgetown Audra Ayotte.
58:04Offside against Georgetown.
62:54Georgetown substitution: Emily Morgan for Kailey Blain.
63:06Georgetown substitution: Marina Paul for Ashley Shaffer.
63:17Delaware substitution: Madison Brosler for Carolyn Seltzer.
65:17Shot by Georgetown Vanessa Skrumbis HIGH {shot from close right wing}.
65:27Georgetown substitution: Daphne Corboz for Sarah Adams.
65:36Georgetown substitution: Jessica Clinton for Vanessa Skrumbis.
66:00Delaware substitution: Nikki Adams for Shannon Kearney.
66:08Delaware substitution: Andrea Arnold for Emily Market.
68:33Shot by Delaware Natalie Zelenky WIDE {shot from close right wing}.
68:49Delaware substitution: Alison Slark for Elise Kraue.
68:53Delaware substitution: Mikala Kin for Natalie Zelenky.
68:55Georgetown substitution: Nicole Varela for Audra Ayotte.
69:28Foul on Delaware.
70:21Offside against Georgetown.
72:57Corner Kick by Delaware Dianna Marinaro.
73:59Shot by Delaware Madison Brosler, SAVE Emma Newins {shot from in the circle}.
77:11Shot by Georgetown Kaitlin Brenn BLOCKED {shot from in the circle}.
77:27Georgetown substitution: Vanessa Skrumbis for Kaitlin Brenn.
77:33Delaware substitution: Emily Market for Chelsea Duffy.
77:46Corner Kick by Georgetown Daphne Corboz.
78:08Shot by Georgetown Emily Morgan BLOCKED {shot from far right wing}.
80:22Foul on Georgetown.
80:59Georgetown substitution: Sarah Adams for Colleen Dinn.
85:09Delaware substitution: Chelsea Duffy for Dianna Marinaro.
86:31Shot by Georgetown Vanessa Skrumbis, SAVE Jess Figueroa {shot from close right wing}.
87:42GOAL by Georgetown Jessica Clinton, Assist by Vanessa Skrumbis and Daphne Corboz, goal number 3 for season.
Delaware 0, Georgetown 3 {shot from in the circle}.
From inside top of 18 into upper left corner.
Georgetown substitution: Jillian DeGennaro for Vanessa Skrumbis.
90:00End of period.
End of period.
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