Staff Directory

Georgetown University Athletic Department
McDonough Arena
Washington, DC 20057

Area code for all numbers is (202).

Athletic Administration McDonough Arena (202) 687-2435
Lee Reed Director of Athletics 687-6513
Beverlyn Ross Executive Assistant to the Director of Athletics 687-6513
Dan O'Neil Senior Associate Athletics Director for External Affairs 687-6708
Dan Trump Senior Associate Athletics Director for Internal Operations 687-6573
Sharon Brummell Associate Athletics Director for Business and Finance/SWA 687-2669
W. Blanton Jones Associate Athletics Director/Senior Director of Development 687-2394
Brian McGuire Associate Athletics Director for Facilities and Operations 687-6706
Dr. Mike Lorenzen Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Leadership and Development 687-0728
Patrick McArdle Executive Director for Athletic Relations 687-2334
Donna Clark Department Receptionist 687-2435
Lawrence Detterville Department Secretary 687-6511
Athletic Development McDonough Arena (202) 687-2336 Fax: (202) 687-6309
W. Blanton Jones Associate Athletics Director/Senior Director of Development 687-2394
Brenda Smith Director of Athletic Development 687-2336
Lindsay Crouch Athletic Development Assistant 687-2336
TBA Athletic Development Coordinator 687-1814 TBA
Business & Finance (202) 687-2383 Fax: (202) 687-5366
Sharon Brummell Associate Athletics Director for Business and Finance/SWA 687-2669
Lynn Newton Assistant Athletics Director for Business Operations 687-8813
Cornell Datcher Business Administrator 687-2383
Marcus Correnti Business Administrator 687-2534
Corporate Sponsorship (202) 687-6708 Fax: (202) 687-1876
Colin Smith Director of Corporate Sponsorship 687-6547
Steve Hines Assistant Director of Corporate Sponsorship 687-9486
Corey Dinkins Account Executive 687-7236
Compliance (202) 687-8262 Fax: (202) 687-8971
Milton Roy Assistant Athletics Director for Compliance 687-8206
Matt Keane Assistant Director of Compliance 687-8262
Equipment & Transportation (202) 687-2348 Fax: (202) 687-5366
CJ Barnett Director of Equipment 687-5416
Joshua LaRosa Equipment Manager 687-6538
David Driscoll Assistant Equipment Manager 687-2309
Facilities and Operations (202) 687-3460 Fax: (202) 687-3981
Andrew Harrington Director of Athletic Facilities 687-3460
Jason Poppe Director of Events and Operations 687-8495
Luis Mendez Field Manager 687-2348
Jose Aviles Building Manager 687-2348
The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics and Hoyas Unlimited McDonough Arena (202) 784-6223 Fax: (202) 687-6709
Steve Alleva Executive Director for Ticket Operations and Donor Relations 687-4692
Kelli Myers Director of The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics and Hoyas Unlimited 687-6308
Myrhia Brewer Associate Director of The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics and Hoyas Unlimited 687-7159
Matt Altum Associate Director of The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics and Hoyas Unlimited 687-6285
John Kenchelian Associate Director of The Annual Fund for Georgetown Athletics and Hoyas Unlimited 687-0487
Marketing & Promotions McDonough Arena (202) 687-6581
TBA Senior Director of Marketing 687-6581
Aja Washington Graduate Intern (men's and women's lacrosse, Hoya Kids Club) 687-6581
Jake Owen Graduate Intern (baseball and softball) 687-6581
Sports Information McDonough Arena (202) 687-2492 Fax: (202) 687-2491
Mike "Mex" Carey Assistant Athletics Director for Communications (men's basketball, women's soccer and women's golf) 687-2475
Barbara Barnes Director of Sports Information (women's basketball, men's soccer, women's lacrosse) 687-7155
Diana Pulupa Brand Manager / Associate Sports Information Director (cross country, sailing, track & field, secondary women's basketball) 687-6564
Ryan Sakamoto Assistant Sports Information Director (football, men's golf, men's lacrosse, swimming & diving) 687-5241
Brendan Thomas Assistant Sports Information Director (volleyball, baseball, men's and women's rowing) 687-6783
Patrick Shatkus Graduate Assistant (field hockey, softball, men's and women's tennis) 687-6591
Sports Medicine McDonough Arena (202) 687-2411 Fax: (202) 687-4117
Dr. Blair Heinke Team Physician 687-1898 TBA
Dr. John Klimkiewicz Head Team Orthopedic Surgeon 687-1898
Dr. William Postma Team Orthopedic Surgeon 687-1898 TBA
Dr. Korin Hudson Team Physician 687-1898
Shawn Hendi Assistant Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Health and Wellness 687-1898
Travis McCormack Associate Athletic Trainer 687-2362
Erin Pettinger Associate Athletc Trainer 687-2372
Lorry Michel Head Athletic Trainer-Men's Basketball 687-2433
Emily Deck Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-2372
Matt Kingsbury Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-2372
Shannon Hubbard Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-6343
Jennifer Maybry Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-2372
Cristina Nistler Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-7398
Stacy Paper Assistant Athletic Trainer 687-6319
Sports Performance Iron Hoyas (202) 687-3384
Mike Hill Head of Sports Performance 687-3384
Carl Johnson Sports Performance Coach 687-3384
Chris Tolzman Sports Performance Coach 687-3384 TBA
Philippe Schafer Sports Performance Coach 687-3384 TBA
Ticket Operations McDonough Arena (202) 687-HOYA (4692)
Steve Alleva Executive Director for Ticket Operations and Donor Relations 687-4692
Dana Hammer Director of Ticket Sales and Operations 687-4692
TBA Ticket Manager TBA TBA
Corey Dinkins Account Executive 687-7236
TBA Ticket Coordinator 687-2848 TBA
Baseball McDonough Arena (202) 687-2462
Pete Wilk Head Coach 687-2462
Curtis Brown Associate Head Coach/Recruiting Coord. 687-6406
Phil Disher Assistant Coach
Bill Murphy Volunteer Assistant Coach
Men's Basketball McDonough Arena (202) 687-2374 Fax: (202) 687-2503
John Thompson III Head Coach
Tavaras Hardy Assistant Coach
Kevin Sutton Assistant Coach
Kevin Broadus Assistant Coach
Othella Harrington Director of Basketball Operations
Gabe Marwell Assistant Director of Basketball Operations
Kim Curry Academic Advisor
Women's Basketball McDonough Arena (202) 687-6613 Fax: (202) 687-1051
Natasha Adair Head Coach
TBA Assistant Coach 
TBA Assistant Coach
TBA Assistant Coach
TBA Director of Basketball Operations
Marilyn PreJean Administrative Assistant
Men's Crew McDonough Arena (202) 687-2360
Tony Johnson Director of Rowing & Head Men's Coach 687-2360
Mike Guerrieri Men's Heavyweight Novice Coach 687-4431
Giuseppe Lanzone Men's Lightweight Varsity Coach 687-1814
Allison Courtin Men's Lightweight Freshman Coach 687-1814
Field Hockey McDonough Arena (202) 687-6899
Prospective Field Hockey Student-Athletes Contact Shannon Soares
Shannon Soares Head Coach 687-6499
TBA Assistant Coach  687-6898 TBA
Football McDonough Arena (202) 687-6700 Fax: (202) 687-7296
Rob Sgarlata Head Coach 687-8361
Luke Thompson Assistant Coach/Defensive Coordinator 687-2493

Michael Neuberger Assistant Coach/Offensive Coordinator 687-6029

Kevin Doherty

Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs/Special Teams Coordinator 687-6537
Brian Miller Assistant Coach/Offensive Line 687-7342
Thurston Childrey Assistant Coach/Wide Receivers 687-7212
Alex Kolt Assistant Coach/Defensive Line/Recruiting Coordinator 687-2536
Maurice Banks Assistant Coach/Defensive Backs TBA
TBA Assistant Coach/Running Backs TBA TBA
TBA Director of Operations TBA
Men's Golf McDonough Arena (202) 687-2442
Tommy Hunter Head Coach 687-2442
Women's Golf McDonough Arena (202) 687-7960
Katie Brophy Head Coach 687-7960
Men's Lacrosse McDonough Arena (202) 687-5415
Kevin Warne Head Coach 687-2460
Matt Rewkowski Assistant Coach 687-3099
Brian Phipps Assistant Coach 687-5415
Women's Lacrosse McDonough Arena (202) 687-6550
Ricky Fried Head Coach 687-2420
Meg Dentler Assistant Coach 687-6550
Lauren Morton Assistant Coach 687-6816
Women's Rowing McDonough Arena (202) 687-3156
Miranda Paris Head Women's Coach 687-3156
Jenifer Forbes Assistant Coach 687-7449
Stephen Full Freshman Coach 687-7449
Sailing McDonough Arena (202) 687-6517
Mike Callahan Head Coach 687-6517
Janel Zarkowsky Assistant Coach 687-6517
Men's Soccer McDonough Arena (202) 687-2364
Brian Wiese Head Coach 687-2364
Zach Samol Associate Head Coach 687-6515
Brian Gill Assistant Coach 687-8820
Women's Soccer McDonough Arena (202) 687-7344
Dave Nolan Head Coach 687-7344
Kelly Keelan Assistant Coach 687-3173
Win Puffer Assistant Coach 687-3173
Softball McDonough Arena (202) 687-6545
Pat Conlan Head Coach 687-6545
Erica Ayers Assistant Coach 687-2382
Swimming & Diving McDonough Arena (202) 687-7671
James Holder Head Coach 687-7671
Bryan Ferretti Assistant Swim Coach 687-7670
Michael Tober Diving Coach 687-7671
Men's & Women's Tennis McDonough Arena (202) 687-2436
Gordie Ernst Head Coach 687-2436
Brian Ward Assistant Coach 687-2385
Track & Field / Cross Country McDonough Arena (202) 687-2448
Patrick Henner Director of Track & Field / Cross Country 687-9843
Michael Smith Head Women's Cross Country Coach / Assistant Track & Field Coach 687-2448
Greg Lambert Assistant Coach 687-7916
Brandon Bonsey Assistant Coach 687-2369
Heather Stephens Assistant Coach 687-9516
Volleyball McDonough Arena (202) 687-2483
Arlisa Williams Head Coach 687-3828
Otavio Souza Assistant Coach 687-2483
Sarah Cullen Assistant Coach 687-8910

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