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The Georgetown University Sports Medicine would like to welcome you to Washington, D.C., during your season.

We hope the following information will help you prepare for your upcoming visit.


1. McDonough Gymnasium- The athletic training room is located on the first floor of the east wing. All modalities, ice, hydrocollator, e-stim, ultrasound, and microcurrent are at your disposal. We ask that you please use professional discretion when using our athletic training room facilities since space is limited. All women's basketball and volleyball games are scheduled in the arena.

2. Multi-Sport Complex- Plays host to football, men's and women's lacrosse. The complex is directly east of McDonough Arena.

3. North Kehoe Field- This holds all of men's and women's soccer contests and is located behind Kehoe Field.

4. Tennis Courts- These hold all of the men's and women's tennis competitions. The courts are located next to McDonough Gymnasium.

5. Swimming Pool- The pool hosts all the swimming & diving meets, the pool is located on campus in Yates Field House.

6. Shirley Povich Field- The baseball complex is located 14 miles from main campus. The complex has no satellite facility. Water, ice, cups and emergency equipment will be provided.

7. Guy Mason Field- The softball complex is located about a mile from the main campus. The complex has no satellite facility. Water, ice, cups and emergency equipment will be provided.

8. William I. Jacobs Recreational Complex at American University- This is the home of the field hockey team for practices and competitions.  It is located approximately three miles from campus.

9. Verizon Center- This venue holds most Men's Basketball contests. It is located 3.5 miles off campus. Some amenities are available.

Facilities Directions

Contest Coverage

Georgetown University will provide a host certified athletic trainer for most contests. The team physician will be in attendance or on-call if his services are warranted. On-site EMS services are provided for select events.

Equipment and Supplies

  • The athletic training room will be open at least two hours before contests.
  • If your team will need the facilities at other times during your trip, accessibility to the athletic training room can be arranged.
  • Water, ice, cups, and emergency equipment (crutches, splints, AED) will be provided.
  • We ask if your team is traveling without a certified athletic trainer please notify the appropriate athletic trainer.
  • Please send appropriate materials (i.e. taping supplies, etc) that your team may require during their trip.
  • Teams traveling without a certified athletic trainer will need a prescription from the team's athletic trainer or physician for all modalities.
  • Important Phone Numbers for Your Visit

    Athletic Training Room: 202-687-6436
    Athletic Training Room Fax: 202-687-4117
    Georgetown University Hospital: 202-444-2119
    GERMS (Campus Emergency Services): 202-687-4357
    CVS (1403 Wisconsin Ave): 202-337-4848
    Foxhall MRI: 202-966-0606

    Again, welcome to Georgetown University. We look forward to hosting and wish you a healthy and successful season.

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